New Technical Guides Available from IRS

The IRS, through its Exempt Organization and Government Entities group, has published eight new Technical Guides for use by taxpayers and exempt entities. The guides are available online at or may be ordered through the IRS at 1-800-829-3976.

The new guides cover the following topics, including the guide name and number:
• TG 3-21 Private Operating Foundations
• TG 22 Termination of Private Foundation Status IRC 507
• TG 45 Suspension of Tax-Exempt Status of Terrorist Orgs under IRC 501(p)
• TG 57 Taxes on Net Investment Income IRC 4940
• TG 59 Taxes on Foundation Failure to Distribute Income IRC 4942
• TG 60 Taxes on Excess Business Holdings IRC 4943
• TG 64 Foreign Organizations
• TG 61 Taxes on Investments which Jeopardize Charitable Purposes IRC 4944

Although each guide is not an official pronouncement of the law or position of the IRS, it provides an enormous amount of information for interested parties to access and learn more about the topic at hand. The publications are updated periodically depending upon changes in tax law. Before relying upon any information contained in the publication, you should check with Stanfield + O’Dell for the latest information concerning any of the above topics.