Business is personal when it comes to family-owned businesses. You not only work for the good of your clients, but the good of your family as well. At Stanfield + O’Dell, we understand the time and care that goes into creating a good name — especially one that’s tied to your family. We’ll help you protect what’s important to you with accounting and consulting solutions focused on your goals. We can help you structure your business to ensure it stays in the family, or determine its accurate worth with our expert valuation services should it come time to sell.

At Stanfield + O’Dell, we have the services you need and a team that is experienced in working with multiple generations of owners. In addition to traditional accounting, auditing, and tax, our consulting services for family-owned businesses include:

  • Entity selection services
  • Debt analysis and loan proposals
  • Transaction negotiations
  • Benefits consulting
  • Business valuations
  • Succession planning/Exit planning
  • Gifting and family compensation planning
  • Estate tax planning