As a client’s trusted advisor you will have opportunities to serve clients and make a difference in the success of their organization. S+O’s commitment to quality is clearly expressed so that each professional’s contribution to excellence is valued. The firm’s goal to continually develop the professional and promote them to positions of leadership is stated in the firm’s vision statement.

Life balance is a core value at S+O. We have established hour’s goals that allow for employees to balance their schedules to the needs of the many roles each of us hold in life. In addition, we have invested in technology that allows employees to work remotely from almost anywhere.

The professional and dedicated staff at S+O recognizes there are no shortcuts to success in our industry. By always exhibiting the highest level of integrity, we better serve our clients and community.

One of the myths about accounting firms is that they must be formal and stuffy.  S+O invests in modern office space, branding, technologies, in addition to adopting progressive policies, including dress for your day.  The significance of these investments is that it is reflective of new leadership and the changes occurring, both in effect and prospective, in the culture and leadership of the firm.

S+ O has successfully transitioned ownership from the founding owners to the 2nd and 3rd generations. Shareholders come from a variety of backgrounds and use their individual strengths to benefit the longevity and team vision of the firm. There continues to be great opportunities to become an owner in your firm through future growth and transition as the next generation of leaders are continually being developed.