5G Internet and Rooftop Leases

With the increasing development of 5G technology, the major wireless carriers are expanding their efforts to secure suitable locations for installing their transmission hardware.  Unlike previous generations of wireless technology, which focused on tall towers located in high points of the terrain, 5G requires more numerous transmission points at lower elevations.

According to Engineered Tax Services, the major carriers (like AT&T) have already begun mapping out the ideal locations across the country. They will soon begin contacting businesses to secure a lease of their rooftops to install hardware.  The ideal site is a 4 to 5-story building with a flat roof.

If you negotiate a fixed rental with a major carrier, they could then sublease the transmission space to other carriers and realize a large profit in the process.  For that reason, it is recommended that building owners carefully consider these negotiations so as not to come up short on the lease revenue.  Do not lock yourself into an exclusive lease with a major carrier who will then sublease the rental to other carriers at a substantial profit.

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