2019 Limitations & Rate Updates

Posted January 2019

The following payroll caps and limitations have been updated for 2019:

  • Social Security wage base increases from $128,400 to $132,900
  • 401(k) maximum deferral is up $500 to $19,000
  • HSA contribution limits are increased to $3,500 per individual and $7,000 for a family
  • FSA contribution limit is up $50 to $2,700

Federal income tax rates are unchanged for 2019 but the tax brackets have been indexed for inflation. Indexing has increased the income brackets by roughly 2% across the board. The income brackets for capital gains have also been increased slightly from 2018. The 2019 standard deductions are up a few hundred dollars, to $12,200 single, $24,400 married joint, and $18,350 head of household.

Please contact us if you would like assistance with preparing a new Federal Form W-4 or state Withholding Certificate for 2019.