Tax filing reminders

July 31st  

  •  Calendar-year pension and self-aware benefits plans (Form 550) is due

September 17th

  • 2017 calendar-year S corporation income tax return (Form 11205) on extension is due
  • 2017 calendar-year Partnership income tax return (Form 1065) on extension is due
  • Individual and Trust third quarter estimated tax payments are due
  • Calendar-year corporations third installment of estimated income tax for 2018

October 1st

  • Tax return for 2017 is due for extended income tax returns for estates and trusts

October 15th

  • 2017 calendar-year C corporation income tax return (Form 1120) on extension is due
  • Individual income tax return on extension is due
  • 2017 gift tax return (Form 709) is due
  • 2017 FinCEN Form 114 Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts is due