Life Balance

Life Balance means recognizing our obligations to self, family and friends as well as our obligations to clients, co-workers, the community, and the Firm.  We must play various roles and balance the needs of each.  Success in some roles must not come at the expense of other roles.  We focus on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Integrity means doing what is right—all the time—whether others are looking or not.  We will accept responsibility for being honest and behaving in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  Our Firm and profession rely on integrity and our business reputation is dependent on it.


Vision means having the ability to anticipate the needs of clients and the Firm and outlining the unique ways in which we can serve those needs.  We diagnose and define issues, develop alternative ideas, and implement the solution that best meets the situation.  Vision is providing direction and guidance so our clients and our Firm are planning today for tomorrow’s success.


Excellence is the performance standard which guides us.  It is not only meeting, but also exceeding expectations by challenging ourselves to increase our technical and non-technical knowledge and skills, both personally and professionally.


Teamwork means coming together and working towards achieving a common goal.  By acknowledging and valuing the strengths and differences of others, we all become stronger.  The Firm can only succeed through the efforts of all our people working together generating results better than any of us would have on our own.